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Student Council

2018-2019 CAMS Student Council

The 2018-2019 CAMS Student Council include a committed group of 8th graders. Writing an essay about their student leadership abilities and chosen by teacher recommendations elected these students.  Each of the students has been with the group for 1-3 years, and has formed long-lasting bonds of friendship along the way. 

By participating in Student Council, the group has performed such tasks as planning dances, and community service, including participating at the ET Food Bank, and ringing the Salvation Army bell.  Their highlights include being able to get out of class early to decorate for dances and using hot glue guns!  Each year the Student Council takes a trip to a different historical and educational site in Texas.  Places have included Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, with this year’s trip to Galveston/Houston and NASA Space Center. For the future, we are planning many more exciting ventures.  All we need is you!  If you are a natural-born leader, plan to try out CAMS Student Council!

Students names from left to right: front row: Yusra Javed, Sidrah Jamal, Yasmin Carrasco, Izma Imtiaz, Roha Qureshi, Bella Schenk, Sophie Waller.  Back row: Jaxon Murray, Mikayla Fortune, Jenna Davis, Lauren Davis, Sebastian Hernandez, Nathan Armstrong, Sebastian Lesser.  Not Pictured: Dipesh Patel