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I’m one of the dyslexia teachers here at CAMS.  I graduated from the best college in the world...Texas A&M University!  WHOOP! I am also married to a great guy named Dewayne. We love to hunt, fish, and have a blast together.


During my twenty years of teaching, I have learned that no matter what the age or grade, students need strong, loving, and enthusiastic teachers.  My true satisfaction comes from the relationships that I get to build with each young person that walks through the door.  I find it amazing that I have the opportunity to love and touch more than one life every day at work.  What an honor I have as being a teacher!  I am blessed to do more than just teach.   I am allowed to be a facilitator, encourager, organizer, nurturer, advocate, and supporter.  I juggle several roles as a teacher, each different in action but equal in importance.  I feel that I chose to become a part of what is one of the most respectful and passionate occupations that this world offers! 


I expect all of my students to come to class with a great attitude and willingness to learn!  Through modeling and active teaching, we will work together to become successful students, whether it is in the classroom or at home.  I will be a guide in helping you recognize that you have a voice and that you are in charge of your own education. 


 This web page is here to provide important information that could benefit student success in life and in the classroom.  I will also post important websites/articles that might help you understand what dyslexia is and how it can affect a student’s school performance and his or her job performance after graduation. 


Get ready to see your hard work pay off.  I consider it a blessing to watch you strive to achieve personal and academic growth!  Let's finish this school year strong!  I am thrilled to have you and your families in my life.