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Hello, I’m William Ritter and this 2018-2019 and this will be my third year at Cumberland Academy Middle School teaching the 7th grade math labs and I’m also the Head High School Cross Country and Track Coach. CAMS is the top school in Tyler that I was interested in teaching with. The staff and students are wonderful here.


I have high expectations for my students not only teaching them math but also teamwork, responsibility, and having a positive attitude. These are some of life long characteristics they will need not to learn just math but to be successful in the real world. I realize math is not the easiest of subjects for a lot of students, so I work on developing a growth mindset and accept challenges when the work is difficult. This is how we create a work ethic and overcome difficulties. This will help your child be successful. I'm looking forward to working with students in math lab this year and help them over come the road blocks that maybe holding them back. 


My degrees are from UT Tyler, B.A. Kinesiology and Texas A&M University at Commerce, M.B.A. I’m married to my wife Calley and we have a 3 year old, Evan and also a 18 year old Rylan, who is at Cumberland Academy High.  Our faith is important and we attend Grace Community.  I love to travel, read books, listen to podcasts, and run in competitive 5k/10k, and occasional half marathons locally and regionally.


I love it here with Cumberland Academy and with your support we will have a great school year.


Thank you,


William Ritter