Important End-of-Year Information for Parents

Report cards will be coming out next Thursday, May 25. If your student has a balance of any kind, {i.e. EDP, lunch balance, iPad repair (cracked/broken screen), missing charger block and/or cord.}, those balances will need to be paid before your student receives his/her final report card.

The last day of school is Friday, May 26.

iPads are being taken up this week. There is a $20 fee for missing charging block and a $20 fee for a missing cord. iPads with a cracked/broken screen have a repair fee of $110 - $150. {Copies of iPad repair forms were given to the students that had a cracked/broken screen before iPad take up.}

Lunch balance letters have been given to students as well as phone calls. If you think your student may have a lunch balance, please call the school and ask for the cafeteria for you student's balance amount.

If you have an EDP balance please call the front office and ask for EDP regarding your balance. You may make your payments at the middle school front office between the hours of 7:30 and 4:00 pm. If you are paying by cash, please be sure to have exact change.

Thank you so much! We appreciate your attention to these matters.