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High School Credit Courses

Cumberland Academy is committed to improving the academic performance of all students every year.  This upcoming school year, we will be offering courses that students will be able to receive high school credit.  Credit is only granted at the completion of the course.  The following courses can be taken for H.S credit next year. 
Spanish 1                 - 1.0 Full year.  Students are required to take 2 full years of a foreign language course before high school graduation.  To earn credit, the courses must be of the same language.  Taking Spanish 1 in middle school will eliminate 1 full year of Spanish in high school.   We currently have several openings for Spanish 1.  
Speech               - 0.5 Half Semester
Health                - 0.5 Half Semester
Graphic Design        - 1.0 Full year
Algebra I                   - 1.0 Full year (7th grade Math PAP is highly recommended
                                    before taking Algebra I)
Please be mindful that the sizes of the classes are limited.   At this time we are strongly encouraging our 8th graders to take  Spanish 1.  If your student is interested in taking Spanish 1 please call the front office or email We look forward to serving your students the best education possible at Cumberland Academy Middle School.