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Employee's Spot Light

Weekly Shout-Outs (April 1st-April 5th)
Our track season has come to an end.  A huge shout out to our coaches and athletes on a great season.  Track season is not for the faint of heart.  The meets are long and the competition is fierce.  I'm so thankful for our dedicated coaching staff and our committed students
Mrs. Eikner does it again!  Her program has doubled in size over the course of two years.  She consistently presents quality programs for our families and community.  Our choirs continue to bring home UIL trophies. Mrs. Eikner's hard work and dedication to our students knows no limits. 
Weekly Shout-Outs (December 17-21)

Can you imagine putting 98 middle school students together and getting them to work together on anything?  What about getting them to make beautiful music together?  Well, last night Mrs. Eikner accomplished this very challenging task.  It is so exciting to watch our vocal program at CAMS grow year after year.  It is also impressive to hear our choirs improve from concert to concert.  Brava Mrs. Eikner!


And speaking of great concerts…did you make it to the band concert?  All I can say is….WOW!  Miss Sellers really pushed our students to the next level.  The music wasn’t easy but our students rose to the challenge.  Miss Sellers continues raising the bar day by day and our students are better for it.  It takes a brave director to make bold choices when it comes to music selection.  Miss Sellers is fearless.

Weekly Shout-Outs (November 5-9)

This week I had two great walk-throughs back to back. Mrs. Jackson was discussing with her

class the Langston Hughes poem “Mother to Son” while Miss Conrod was covering Poe’s “The Raven.”  

It took everything I had to leave each of their classrooms.  I could’ve stayed the whole

period and then went back for the next class.  Our eighth graders have no idea how lucky they are. 

 Our 8th grade ELAR team was breaking it down into relatable language and

the students were eating it up.  This is another great example of two master teachers getting it done. 


Weekly Shout-Outs (October 29th-Nov 2)

Have you noticed that we have one top-notch dance team?  I know you have! 

Our Maidens have got it going on.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a pep rally or a parade

our young ladies shine.  High quality performances are no accident. 

They are the result of hard work, dedication and leadership.  Hats off to Mrs. Davis

for having high standards for her students and a passion for her craft.  I can’t wait

for the next performance. 

-Tim Schodowski